Herd Management
Herd Management

Herd Management

In this website section we will upload material related to the consultancy activities provided to breeders, examining the management aspects which affect the health and the farm profitability.
You will find some general articles which will help you in interpreting the analysis and processing phases of the farm data with case reports produced during our activity.

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Elaborazione dei dati
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Gestione della vitellaia
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Case reports
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Content related to the resulting surgical clinical records and the surgical operations executed on-field.

Clinical Cases

Content related to single animal and herd clinical cases

Milk Quality - Mastitis

Specific content related to Milk Quality

Reproduction - Gynecology

Content related to reproductive pathologies and fertility

Herd Management

Content related to the animal health management of the bovine farms, the herd-related problems and pathologies.

Anatom-pathological findings

Anatom-pathological findings spotted during autopsies or surgical operations.

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