Why this website?

We've been working as cattle specialists, trying constantly to improve our professionalism.
Since the academic year 2000/2001 the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Turin University has been choosing us as a certified veterinary clinic for students' internship.
We have hosted several young colleagues to live on-field experiences and we have realized that, for those interested into buiatrics, there are not so many possibilities to acquire and improve practical experiences. The possibility to apply on the field what has been studied on books and to update the skills in several buiatrics-related areas, following the farm evolutions, is what lacks the most.

Therefore, we decided to create this website as a consultancy and support tool for all the Veterinaries and Students who are interested into bovines, sharing their own experiences acquired during the years within the several areas of our activities.

In this website, you can find several pictures, video, articles, clinical cases and original documents, material which refers to our daily activities.

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Content related to the resulting surgical clinical records and the surgical operations executed on-field.

Clinical Cases

Content related to single animal and herd clinical cases

Milk Quality - Mastitis

Specific content related to Milk Quality

Reproduction - Gynecology

Content related to reproductive pathologies and fertility

Herd Management

Content related to the animal health management of the bovine farms, the herd-related problems and pathologies.

Anatom-pathological findings

Anatom-pathological findings spotted during autopsies or surgical operations.

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